“50% of All Advertising is USELESS. We Just Don’t Know Which 50%.”

----- David Ogilvy

You are not alone. It’s same story for every small business owner. It seems like marketing budgets keep creeping up & up every year, while at the same time it keeps getting harder & harder to generate qualified leads.

Every day, thousands of small business owners all across America end up subscribing to the “Wall-Theory” of marketing, which loosely translated amounts to nothing more than, “Let’s throw a bunch of money at marketing, then hope & pray that something sticks!”

There’s nothing else in your day-to-day businesses that you guess about to the degree you do with your marketing budgets, especially considering it’s often one of the Top-5 largest expenses you have. You would never dream of handling employee payroll, benefits, vehicles, equipment purchases, or literally anything else with such an uncertain outcome. This just seems insane; there’s got to be a better way!

I ask contractor after contractor what they need most, and the answer is nearly always the same… MORE LEADS! Clearly, everyone agrees that qualified leads are the fuel that drives the business engine. So, how do you bridge the gap between rising marketing budgets with lower returns, plus bearing all the risk while the “marketers” skate away scot-free with their big fees?

The answer is “Pay-Per-Lead” aka PPL. How many leads would you take if you were only paying for qualified leads? What if you didn’t have to “share” them with two other competitors in your market? How about if you didn’t have to pay a big “kick-back” percentage to the BIG BOX store or staff some degrading display nights & weekends?  What if you could build YOUR brand and control the whole process from anywhere?

Nope, it’s not a dream… uh, well maybe it is, but it can also be your reality!

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