4-Benefits of Air Conditioning Replacement?

Air ConditionerIf you’re looking at replacing your central air conditioning system, high efficiency systems may make sense. Air conditioner efficiency is measured by SEER, which stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. SEER is like the MPG (miles per gallon) of AC systems. When comparing systems, the higher the SEER rating the more efficient the unit.

Benefit-1 Save Money:

Hi-efficiency systems with high SEER ratings use way less energy, which means lower electric bills. A modern 16-SEER system can save you 50% when compared to an old 8-SEER system.

Benefit-2 Get Paid to Save:

Hi-efficiency air conditioners often have government and/or utility rebate incentives, which can lower your initial investment. Rebates make your payback faster by bringing costs closer to that of a standard efficiency system.

Benefit-3 Earth Friendly:

Hi-efficiency AC systems use less energy, which means less green house gas emissions. Less electricity means less fossil fuels being burned to produce power.

Benefit-4 More Comfort:

Hi-efficiency air conditioning systems help maintain more precise temperatures in your home. Plus, they dehumidify the air in your home more effectively too. Bottom line: Hi-efficiency is good for your wallet, good for the environment, and great for your comfort.