i5-Steps to the In-Home SaleStep gears

Sales is not convincing or begging or even “closing”. Sales is a “helping business”, as in helping the client get what they want. The client themselves must want the solutions and be committed to the outcome; otherwise it’s a lose-lose proposition. Remember the Pre-Game Mindset; Nobody wants what you’re selling!

In-home sales is simple when you follow a proven, logical process that caters to how consumers actually buy. We're all consumers, so how would we like to be treated? The i5 Sales Process is five simple steps to helping the consumer invest with you to achieve their goals and objectives.

The i5-steps are 1) Inquiry, 2) Inspection, 3) Inform, 4) Inspire, and 5) Implement.

Step-1 is the Inquiry. The basic premise of this first step is that “prescription without proper diagnosis is malpractice”. All too often in a selling scenario, salespeople have tunnel vision, and never take the time to actually gain a deeper understanding of why the client called them out, or what they’re trying to accomplish. It’s no wonder then why over 50% of consumers surveyed indicate that they are not saving as much money as expected, are experiencing uneven temperatures, and/or that their new system didn’t fix the issues it was supposed to fix. How is this possible? And, what other industry or company, maybe besides weathermen, is it acceptable to miss the mark half the time? 

Inquiry Step-1 is all about asking questions. You’ve heard a picture is worth 1000-words; well, a great question is worth a 1000-pictures. Inquiry is not about the company sales pitch. You’ve just arrived, and haven’t earned the right (or trust) to start talking all about yourself or your company yet. Don't worry, you'll get the chance, but at the right time!

Giving too much information, that's either boring or confusing, at the wrong time doesn’t help make sales; it kills them! 90% of lost sales are because you starting “selling” too soon. You and your company are valued only after trust has first been established.

There are some crucial moments in your sales process, where what you say and how you say it will either build or lose the client’s trust...

Look for our next edition for the right questions to ask, at the right time!

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