Silly Season Is NOT The Time To Back Off On Home Performance!Pedal to the Metal

You cannot successfully implement home performance in your business only focusing on it during "slow season". Think about it, you can't successfully implement ANYTHING in your business only focusing on it part-time, and home performance is no different. Without commitment you cannot achieve anything meaningful in life or business. To reap the lucrative rewards of home performance, it takes a 100% commitment year-round, during both busy and slow times. Anything short of that is a waste of time.

So, how do you commit 100%?

First, YOU must personally believe in it yourself. If you don't, pull the plug. You will not be as succesful as you deserve to be trying to "push" or "peddle" products you don't genuinely think will provide massive benefits to your clients. Home performance is the same as everything else you sell; if you don't believe in modulating systems, you can't sell them... if you don't believe in service agreements, you won't sell them... You must be a believer! Can I get an "Amen!"?

Second, you have to "take the shot" and bundle your home performance solutions into your BEST choice every time. The old adage, "You Miss 100% of the Shots You Don't Take" absolutely applies to successful home performance implementation. As Home Solutions Experts, it's our job to determine the complete recipe of solutions required to accomplish all the client's comfort and efficiency goals. The client is relying on us to do a complete and thorough job, and at the very least they deserve the right to say "yes" or "no" without us predetermining it for them. As the professional experts, failing to present complete solutions might be considered malpractice in some circles. Remember, it's our job to Inform & Inspire, and it's their job to make the decision to invest or not. Don't short change them or us by taking away the opportunity to invest!

Home performance success is NOT complicated; Believe in your solutions, and offer them to everyone who needs them, which is basically everyone!

So, I know what you're saying, "But Tom, we're busier than one-armed paperhangers already, and can't catch-up!" Been there, done that, got the tee shirt. Let's look at this from a different perspective, and see if there's a way to leverage it to preload our "slow season".

Picture this... we're in a client's home, they have a problem, and either need a service call or a new AC system. It's hot & humid, the "air you wear time of the year", and it's all about "how much?" and "how fast?" Clearly, getting the cooling back online ASAP-911 is priority #1 for everyone, but does that mean they shouldn't or wouldn't consider a comprehensive solution if offered? It's like saying you don't offer hi-efficiency systems during busy times; it makes no sense. 

Have you ever had an accident that landed you in the emergency room at the hospital? What happens when you arrive? There's no question the situation is dire, otherwise you wouldn't be there in the first place; so what do they do? First is to triage your condition, and determine the best, fastest course of treatment to address the immediate problem. Then what happens? Most likely, 100% of the time in my experience, the emergency room doctors will always recommend a follow-up with your regular doctor under less dire cirumcstances, where you can complete the full course of treatment to restore your health back to 100%.

Doesn't it just make plain sense to approach home performance solutions in the same manner. Of course, triage the situation and address the no cooling situation ASAP-911. Then, return at some later, much more convenient time for everyone to complete the full course of treatments to accomplish all the clients comfort and energy goals. In other words, repair or replace the AC system now, and come back during "slow time" to repair ductwork, upgrade insulation, add reflective barrier, and whatever else that's needed to deliver on the promise of Perfect Comfort. Heck, worst case scenario, at least establish the opportunity to come back at a later date to perform a comprehensive inspection and review your findings "once the heat wave ends". 

Do you stop selling service agreements in Silly Season? Of course not. Do you stop selling IAQ during hot weather? Nope! So, why stop offering home performance when it's busy? The point is to keep the pedal to the metal with home performance year-round, using EVERY opportunity with the client to balance work loads across all seasons, not just "slow seasons".

You want to get out of the "weather-driven" business? Slow down and do the right thing on every call and lead, and make home performance a year-round money-maker for your company!

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