Nobody Wants What You're Selling...

Not Even You!

Gimmicky Sales

Yep, there it is, I said it...everybody was thinking it, but now I've gone ahead and actually said it. Of course, the obvious problem, and boy it's a real doozy, is that we make our living and put food on the table by selling stuff, namely HVAC systems, energy efficiency products, and all sorts of different home improvements.


I'll prove it to you with this simple test... let me ask you what your "better-half" (or even you yourself) would pick, all things
being equal:

Choice #1: A new super hi-def TV, OR a new heat pump?

Choice #2: A family trip to Disney, OR a new furnace & AC?

Choice #3: Comfy, new living room set, OR attic insulation?

If you guys like me, and virtually everyone else on the planet, you picked the hi-def TV, Disney, and the furniture, right? C'mon, you know you did... everybody does! See, even YOU don't want to buy a new AC system!

With this new critical mindset that nobody wants to buy what we're selling, we must ask ourselves, "So, why did they take time out of their crazy-busy, hectic schedule, interupt time with their family, possibly take time off of work, to spend 60-90-minutes with us, and potentially give us thousands of dollars?" And, remember, it's not because they "WANT" a new AC, or whatever; they'd rather have the other stuff, just like you and me.

I'll let you in on a little secret, Customers Don't Care About You! And, they care even less about "some company" either! Customers are selfish and self-centered, as they should be, and as you or I are as customers too. They have a one-track mind, and are tuned into only one station W.I.F.M; otherwise famously know as "What's In It For Me?" Guess what, me too! You too! That's natural, and perfectly okay.

Selling-101 Pre-Game Mindset: People DON'T care about you; they only care about THEMSELVES and their PAIN or GAIN. Somehow, through their own efforts or thinking, they have determined whatever selfish reason or whatever pain or gain they're looking for, might involve an "AC" or whatever else they've called us out there for. And, unless the AC is actually totally out, they have almost ZERO (sometimes less than ZERO) sense of urgency to "buy an AC". This is especially true when all we do is try to "sell" them a new AC. They don't want one!

Can you say pro-cras-ti-na-tion? Ever wonder why there are so many "fence-sitters"? Particularly, when you've followed all the "sales steps & procedures"? Old, tired, pressure-oriiented or gimmicky sales tactics don't work with today's savvy, socially-connected clients; in fact, it mostly turns them off. It's time to dump the robotic processes, throw away the "always be closing", and start to care enough to find out the real underlying WHY's from the client's perspective, and treat them no different than how we'd like to be served when making these types of substantial investment decisions.

Ignore this pre-game mindset at your own sales peril!

Stay tuned for "i5: 5-Steps to the Sale"...


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