7-Keys For Rapid Website Lead Generation

  1. Review CentralReview Widget – Your review pages are some of the most viewed content on your site. People want to know what other people are saying about you, and they value that over anything you can say about yourself. First, you must have a card with your review URL printed on it to physically hand to the client at the completion of work; sending emails after doesn’t work as well. Second, you need to make it about the associate(s) performing the work, not about the company; people care way more about people than companies. Next, you should hold a weekly or monthly contest that rewards the associate(s) with the most 5-star reviews in a period; i.e. dinner for two, tools, trips, etc. Your lead generation will increase exponentially with local city pages, and reviews are the first element of successful city pages.
  2. Completed Jobs Widget – Local, completed jobs are the second element of your successful local city pages. You have to login and enter individual jobs to help populate where you’re working. First name, last initial, town, and zip code. Then, input simple, keyword narrative answering a) WHY did they contact you, b) WHAT were the issues or challenges, and c) WHAT did you do to solve the issues.
  3. Case Study Widget – These are the third crucial element to your successful city pages. Basically, these are completed jobs on steroids. You want before and after pictures, plus more detail on the specific solutions. Case studies are most frequently replacement or installation projects. You need to think about what type of jobs you want leads for, then produce individual case studies for those types of jobs, so that when a prospect goes online to search, it’s more likely they’ll find your specific content over some generic content elsewhere.
  4. Client Testimonials – You need to go beyond the onsite reviews, and get glowing Google, Yelp, Yahoo, etc reviews; this process can be configured so it’s automated through the Review Widget. Also, written testimonial letters, cards, etc can be scanned into your site. The best type you can get is a video testimonial, that can be uploaded across several platforms, plus also reside on the appropriate city pages.
  5. Newsworthy Items – You need to document any activity for local charities and non-profits. You need to list any and all awards you’ve won; this is also a highly viewed page on your site. List all your certifications and associations; BBB, chamber of commerce, etc.
  6. Meet the Team – You need pictures, preferably in uniform and in front of a company truck or sign, so it reinforces your public image on your site. Fun, creative bios are also crucial, to convey you’re just like your clients; i.e. family, interests, hometown, etc.
  7. Job Postings – People like to know you’re growing. They can see that if you’re looking for new associates. Plus, if potential candidates are looking, you can possible fill an open position through your site too.

Focus on your top-10 zip codes to start, and be the market leader with reviews, jobs, and case studies. You need at least 3-things for successful city pages:

Implement the basics, and reap the massive rewards!