5-Fears That Lead To Procrastination

Buy IconHomeowners hate to be "sold". That's not to say they don't love to "buy", they just hate being "sold". So, the real question is "WHY?"

Generally, most homeowners have either had a negative experience directly with a previous home improvement contractor, or they have heard about someone that has. I'm a homeowner, as well as a contractor, and even I have horror stories of contractors I've hired for my personal residence. How about you? 

Chances are we all know about at least a nightmare or two. Homeowners don't want to have a starring role in their own horror story, and these fears lead them to procrastinate making a decision. Understanding specifically what they're worried about, then crafting risk-free guarantees to protect them will help diffuse some of the fear and apprehension they're experiencing.

Top-5 Homeowner Home Improvement Fears:

  1. Will we pay too much?
  2. Will it actually do what you tell us?
  3. Who will be working in our house?
  4. Will they leave a mess or damage our home?
  5. What if we have a problem?

As homeowners, my wife and I can relate to every one of those fears, and I'm guessing you can as well.

Will We Pay Too Much: The #1 driver of "getting bids", to make sure they get the best deal possible. And, most contractors hate, hate, hate when customers are getting multiple quotes, but why? Rather than worry about other estimates, why not work on differentiating "YouCo's" company, services, and processes to be one-of-a-kind, exclusive to "YouCo"?! There will always be someone "cheaper", but in the long run is cheaper really cheaper? In my experience, rarely, if ever, did the cheapest thing work the best or last the longest; rather quite the opposite, it worked the least effectively and needed to be replaced prematurely.

Will It Actually Do What You Tell Us: More than 50% of homeowners surveyed indicated that they were either not saving as much money as expected, experiencing uneven temperatures, and/or their new system didn't address their issues. Wow, half of our industry-wide clients didn't get what they purchased. Imagine how that might work in other industries; what if half your meals came prepared incorrectly or your bags were lost half the time? Ridiculous, right? Yet, that's exactly what homeowners are saying about us. If we're all installing basically the same equipment, how do we at "YouCo" ensure our client ends up on the right side of this 50% curve?

Who Will Be Working In Our Home: With the proliferation of hidden camera videos showing all sorts of bizarre acts virtually everywhere online, is it any wonder that homeowners would have their doubts about who might show up? Compound that with the spectrum of potential ragtag characters across the home improvement industry. Picture in your mind some of these images; beat-up trucks, dirty clothes, unkempt facial hair, tattoos and piercings, and so many more. Is it any wonder people could be concerned? Often, the homeowner's perfect mental image of a professional technician and the person who actually shows up are diametrically opposite. How can we guarantee that "YouCo" associates are different and better, and the client knows it? 

Will They Leave A Mess Or Damage Our Home: Generally, most of the training the average home improvement technician receives is all focused on the technical how-to. Sorely missing is the soft-skill training to really deliver an AMAZING experience. This is particularly obvious when it comes to jobsite housekeeping. To begin with, contractors usually show up with a truck load of components, which is intimidating enough already, then proceed to take over a significant portion of the garage, yard, basement, etc. with equipment and supplies randomly strewn all over the place. If that's not bad enough, material scraps, screws, wire nuts, and other assorted collateral damage incidental to the process are often left behind as "no big deal". The problem is the homeowner thinks, "If they left this that way, where else did they take shortcuts?" The motto at "YouCo" needs to be Always Leave It Better Than We Found It.

What If We Have A Problem: Rarely, if ever does something totally do what it's supposed to without incident. It's just the way of the world these days. So, homeowners expect that there'll be an issue, and worry about what's going to happen after they've paid all their hard-earned money and there's no more leverage over the contractor to return. Why do you think they scour reviews and product ratings? Heck, Consumer Reports Magazine exists for this exact purpose! At "YouCo" we have to be committed to preventing issues upfront, and when they do arise, responding promptly as a priority to our loyal clients who already trusted us, demonstrating they made the right decision in hiring us.

Now, we know the Top-5 Fears... so, how can "YouCo" craft industry leading guarantees to address each of these, so our homeowner clients don't have to fearfully sit on the fence, and can instead start enjoying the comfort, savings, health, and safety they deserve?

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Evan wrote on May 12th, 2016 02:05:23pm
Great article, Tom. Keep em coming.