About Comfort Jedi

Tom CaseyResident Jedi, Tom Casey is the Most-Awarded HVAC Contractor in the US. He has won national awards 15-times and counting, including National Contractor of the Year. Tom sold his business to a national consolidator at the height of the boom back in 2001, then restarted a new business from scratch 3-years later and built it into the local market leader.

Today, Tom is a serial entrepreneur and continues to operate multiple businesses, including Comfort Consulting, an exclusive home improvement consulting practice to help contractors achieve their dreams. 

As a regular industry contributor, he has authored numberous industry articles, as well as an award winning book. Tom is a regular seminar presenter at industry and distributor events, as well as in-house company meetings and trainings. His passion is serving!

Comfort Jedi Tom Casey believes that your contracting business should serve and fund your life's dreams, and you should proactively own and manage it, not it you. He has been able to achieve a level of professional accomplishment, personal peace and satisfaction, and financial freedom that others can only aspire towards, by a process of OpX (Operational Excellence) and constant learning, growing, and improving.