Tom Casey -Comfort Jedi

Tom Casey, the Comfort Trailblazer

Hi! I'm Tom aka the Comfort Trailblazer. I've been helping families and businesses achieve "Perfect Comfort" my whole career. From home energy conservation, HVAC design & engineering, and indoor air quality, for the last three decades, you name it and I've done it at the highest level. I'm passionate about making comfortable, safer, healthier and more energy efficient homes to help homeowners accomplish their dreams and goals.

I'm a contractor by trade; in fact, I'm a 3rd generation S.O.B. (son of boss)! Throughout my highly-decorated career I've started and successfully operated three contracting companies including Climate Engineering, Climate Partners, and Dr. Energy Saver of Southern CT. Today, I'm an expert consultant, helping HVAC and Home Performance Contractors achieve their goals.

I'm not just a practitioner of my methodologies, but also an author and teacher too -- as I've developed training materials and systems, designed and constructed training exhibits and even labs for the largest national energy conservation dealer network training center. I believe in letting my actions speak louder than my words when it comes to excellence and professionalism.

My experiences have brought me some incredible opportunities over the years, including the opportunity to frequently present at industry events/conferences as well as to regularly contribute to some of the best home and industry publications around.

My "been-there-done-that" experience makes me different from most other consultants. I've signed the front of people's paychecks for many years (not just the backs!), struggling and sweating to build my businesses in the trenches day-by-day, just like you. I've done service and installation, dispatch and customer service, sales and engineering, marketing and advertising, along with wearing every other hat that goes along with being a small business entrepreneur. 

If you are looking to bring your home or business to the next level,

contact me.